Stem cell therapy is the breakthrough scientific process of introducing stem cells to an area of the body that has been damaged or infected with disease. Stem cells have a unique ability to self-regenerate and adapt themselves to the cells surrounding them, and this means that damaged or diseased tissues can be repaired, replaced, restored, and regenerated. If done correctly, stem cells taken from adipose fat can evolve into the cells found in the cartilage, bone, or muscle. The good news is that this treatment is available for pets! Here’s a list of the health problems that threaten horses, dogs, and cats that can be treated with pet stem cell therapy:

  • Bowed tendons

  • Ligament injuries

  • Muscular dystrophy

  • Osteoarthritis


You can request for our mobile vet to visit your house and check your pet over. Once the vet sees that your pet will benefit from pet stem cell therapy, the process can begin as follows:

Day 1 – The treatment starts when the veterinarian harvests

stem cells found in the adipose tissue of the pet itself. Adipose tissue is

just body fat and taking a sample of it will not harm your pet at all. The pet

needs to be placed under general anesthesia so that an adequate amount of the fat can be collected.

Day 2 – The vet then takes the tissue to the laboratory and processes

it in order to get the maximum amount of stem cells possible.

Day 3 – On the third day, the stem cells can then be

injected into the pet’s affected areas. The transplanted cells can get to work

right away on reducing, restoring and regenerating the damaged tissues.

Stem Cell Therapy helps your pet

 Stem cell therapy does not just help your pet to recover from a medical condition; it also provides an anti-inflammatory effect by reducing pain and inflammation once the stem cells adapt to the new environment. The cells also promote tissue growth by stimulating the surrounding endothelial progenitor cells and inhibiting apoptosis or cell death. Your beloved pet can feel healthy and energetic again as the therapy is found to be very effective in regenerating the tendons, ligaments and the tissues of the joints. 


Unfortunately, pet stem cell therapy is not applicable for animals with cancer or infections caused by bacteria or viruses. There are other treatments that we can provide along with the best care for these types of health problems.


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