In-home Dentistry

Twilight Sedation


Dr. Steve offers in-home veterinary dentistry for your pet under twilight sedation. This service is perfect for the pet in need of a good dental cleaning, but does not have advanced dental disease.

Dogs and cats are notoriously uncooperative when it comes to dental

care. Even the sweetest of all pets can turn into grouchy, reclusive

animals once their owners try to pry their mouths open and check the state of

their gums and teeth. In order for your pet to stay healthy and happy, it is important for you to promote good oral health. Here are some ways you can help keep your

pet in tiptop dental shape:

Smell your pet’s breath. Chances are your

beloved pet’s breath is not minty fresh, but a particularly foul odor can be a

sign of teeth problems or gum disease. If bad breath is accompanied with

sluggishness, ill temper, loss of appetite, vomiting and/or excessive drinking

and urinating, call your mobile vet right away.

Check your pet’s gums and teeth. The gums should

look pink, clean and healthy. The teeth should not be brown and

discolored. There should be no sign of sores, tumors, ulcers and cysts.

A healthy balanced diet helps to keep your pet’s

dental state in peak form. Dogs, for example, need chew toys not just to play

with but also to keep their teeth strong. Some dissolvable chew toys often have

essential vitamins and nutrients added to make the treats even better for your


Tooth-brushing kits are available for cats and

dogs alike, and we can recommend the perfect kit for your pet. Remember

that cats and dogs have different needs from humans, so never use your own

toothpaste on your pet.

Sometimes, even with careful dental grooming, pets can still

get teeth and gum problems and the best way to help them is to have us visit you and perform in-home dentistry. We are equipped

with all the necessary equipment to perform twilight anesthesia on your pet and

provide a thorough cleaning that will help prevent or stop dental disease on its


Twilight anesthesia is a safe method of delivering a small

dose of general anesthesia. The anesthetic is completely reversible and your pet will be fully awake at the end of the procedure.  Most pets tend to forget the cleaning process after

the effects of the anesthesia wear off. This means that they will not be

traumatized by regular visits from your mobile vet, especially since the anesthesia

will help minimize any discomfort they may feel.

With regular in-home dentistry visits, your pet will have

the best chances of staying safe from the following diseases:



Mouth tumors, cysts and ulcers

Periodontal disease

Proliferating gum disease


Swollen gums

Call us now and set up an appointment for a dentistry visit!

We will make sure that your beloved pet will get a safe, thorough and relaxing

dental cleaning.